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About your Business Strategy Partner and Operational BFF.

Meet Gisell Paula 👋🏽

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet verse. I am the marketing automation and strategic business partner you've been waiting for! My job is to reduce founder exhaustion and increase people's happiness by identifying and investing in needle-moving activities. 


I do away with trash systems that aren't made for human consumption and swap them out with human-centric strategies. To inform the strategy, I lean on industry research and empathy to help small businesses grow. 

And then there's the boring (but trust-building) stuff: I'm a certified agile leader and marketing professional who has shepherded critical rebrands and business transformations for small agencies and enterprise organizations. 


Today, I'm building a more equitable world by helping teams scale. As your Operational BFF at Get Scrategy by Scrap Strategies, that looks like building tools. And when I'm not building tools, I work hands-on with intentional CEOs and teams to make purpose-aligned growth as Chief Strategist and CEO of Scrap Strategies.


Real talk, tho. You are the real star here.

Small businesses like yours make the world go round.

But you do more than that. You are the vehicle to determine a person, family, and community's quality of life. If that doesn't drive a human to do all they can to help entrepreneurs, then I do know what does. But I can tell you that it sure is a whole lot more interesting than me.

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