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What is Get Scrategy?

Get Scrategy at its core is a collection of DIY tools and resources for entrepreneurs looking to sophisticate and grow their businesses.

Areas covered in this corner of the internet

Industry Study & Insights

In order to prepare for the future, we gotta assess the changing landscape of the world around us and make intentional decisions about how that change will impact our business.

Business Tech & Operations

I know it's boring, but it's absolutely essential to you being able to grow successfully and keep those hair follicles pumping. My promise to you: I'll make it painless and fun. Just watch.

Strategic Business Planning

There's really only two approaches to doing business (and life, in general): You plan or the universe plans for you. Here, we like to plan– and child, do we plan big

Customer Experience

Around here, the concept of "good business" is a really friggin big deal, so we aim for business that is good for your business and the people you serve.

The story

Get Scrategy was made to fill the strategic and operational gaps that hold founders back from being able to scale.

Get Scrategy's sister company: Scrap Strategies dives deep with 1:1 support for already-scaling businesses and enterprise teams.


And while I love working deeply with my clients, I saw a need within the small business community to have a suite of tools that met them where they were and helped them get where they want to be.

So, in March 2023, I launched a landing hub for me to build a series of more approachable business tools and build a space that is inviting to founders, valuable, and fun.

Let me know how I'm doing on my feedback box.

The Mission

Help you scale your business, and by proxy, your impact.

I'm driven by the power small businesses like you have to transform the world of commerce and support the building of a more equitable, meaningful, world.


Plain and simple: when you win,  we all win.

Read more about my philosophy (and the data that supports it.)

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